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The basic principle of SPAGIRIA science lies in the word itself: SPA means "separate", and ageiro - "to collect". SPAGIRIA extracts its most powerful active substances from its plants to achieve health, beauty, both of body and soul.
Facial massage KAGAYAKI
KAGAYAKI MASSAGE incl 24 carat 999 Gold mask from Japan, together with Rukako and Korugi massage, semi-precious stone water and Carboxi CO2, will cause a sensation in the beauty industry.
Facial massage RUKAKO
You will never know what Japanese Rukako massage is without trying it.
There is much to speculate and conclusions to be drawn about this massage.
About Expert

Olga Romanovich

The main task I set myself is to familiarise you with who you really are. To reveal your inner attractiveness. To help you gain self-confidence. And to teach you to choose a happy and free life without fears and limitations.

Body and facial expert with natural methods

I graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism and took courses in anatomy of the human body, tapping techniques and Massage Techniques.

I am no longer afraid of the truth about myself and mirrors. I accept myself completely. 1000 percent self-confident and even more.

Mission: to transfer knowledge, helping to change the lives of others.
Diputación 113-115, etlo 1, staircase d, 08015 Barcelona
If you have any questions, text me via WhatsApp and I will answer
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