KAGAYAKI facial massage
KAGAYAKI MASSAGE includes 24 CARAT 999 GOLD mask from Japan, along with Rukako and Korugi Massages, Carboxi CO2 with semi-precious stones water, this is going to be a sensation in the beauty industry

The Effects:
Skin tightening. The ions of Gold slow down the depletion of elastin and collagen which are responsible for the elasticity of the dermis.
Healthy color. It becomes smoother and more natural due to cell regeneration, oxygen saturation and improved blood circulation in tissues.
Deep nutrition. The golden face mask promotes rapid infiltration of nutrients into the skin and thereby moisturizes it from the inside.
Elimination of swelling. The gold-based mask effectively fights under eye pouches caused by lack of sleep and chronical stress.
Cleansing of toxins and slags. All these clog the pores, and gold ions, penetrating there, bring them all out
During the mask application, the procedure involves massages the tendon helmet and auricle Koruga and Rukako

Korugi is a technique that works mainly with a tendon helmet, deep facial tissues, bones of the skull and facial skeleton.

Its main mission is to start the normal circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and relieve swelling and masticatory muscle cramp, which helps fighting Bruxism

As the result of Rukako massage, our facial muscles tense up and work, the outflow of lymph improves, the skin is better supplied with oxygen, cleanses up, so we get a toned "small" face.

The effect of the procedure:
✔ Facial muscle strength
✔ Eliminates depression
✔ Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
✔ Removes sagging cheeks
✔ Prevents hair loss
✔ Sagging
✔ Fills the body with Oxygen
✔ Relaxes the masticatory muscle
✔ Fights bruxism
✔ Deep relaxation
✔ Stress relief
✔ Tightening the face contour
✔ Removes dark circles and under eye pouches
✔ Treats insomnia
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