RUKAKO facial massage
You'll never know what Japanese Rukako Massage is without trying it.
You can make a lot of guesses and assumptions about this massage.
Вut the reality is that Rukako is a whole different world of sensations and results.
Light and smooth lymphatic drainage movements help to remove swelling, bulges and dark circles under the eyes, form a firm face line and get rid of sagging cheeks.
Due to the rapid movements, which are alternated by smooth ones, a person reaches a deep relaxation, which helps to return to himself and reconsider this world.
Unlike superficial massage, the Korugi bone massage which included in the Rukako, lifts the bones of the skull and facial bones and helps people suffering from bruxism and headaches to relax the masticatory muscle.
The Shiatsu acupressure that I do before the Terahertz mask, affects the biologically active points of the body, and this is a great way to improve the condition of the muscles without invasive techniques.
The Carboxi CO2 device and Ionized water help to nourish the body with oxygen, Carboxytherapy is an innovative method of rejuvenation of the epidermis based on the properties of carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide has antioxidant, antiseptic and regenerating abilities, Improves blood supply, general condition of the skin, restores the protective abilities of the epidermis.
And now imagine the effects you would have after a Rukako massage. And these are not just words, but thousands of testimonials from my clients, which you can read here on my website

✔ Relieves BRUXISM
✔ Insomnia
✔ Migraine headache
✔ Stress
✔ Swelling
✔ Helps to ease neck pain
✔ Relaxes masticatory muscles
✔ Reduces wrinkles
✔ Drooping Eyelid
Price for Rukako
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